Subject Poem Journal 3
Posted by Jessy
Posted on Tue Dec 8 04:44:12 1998
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First of all, I want to say that I have few ideas about this poem. I just try my best to analyze it and show my expression towards the poem. As far as I am concerned, the poem "Musee des Beaux Arts" tells us about "Suffering." I'm in the opinion of that the second stanza shows us the suffering of the aged and children. On one hand, because the aged are so old---the dead end is around the corner---that they can't expect themselves too much, they must anticipate the newborns to be successful to meet their uncompleted hopes. On the other hand, children are also suffering because "There always must be children who didn't specially want it to happen." Actually, I don't understand this stanza very much. One thing I can make sure is that skating is a kind of activities. Maybe the stanza wants to show us even if these kids are suffering, they're still enjoying their game. I don't know!! ^o^...
In the third stanza, the description is about the dreadful martyrdom. However, "anyhow in a corner, some antidy spot, there are dogs going on with the doggy life and the torturer's horse scratching its behind on a tree." I think it means that no matter what happens, people usually don't pay attention to the things around them. Even if they are in the "DREADFUL" martyrdom, they might take it for granted and let it run its course. Not only animals but also humanbeings only care about themselves. And the dogs and the horse just keep on what they are doing. Somehow I feel strongly upset. Maybe that's because the sentences give me a feeling---all animals are for themselves, not to mention mankind...
In the remaining stanza, and the picture on the page 687, it's evident to see a hardwarking plowman, the boundless sea surface, the broad sky with several white clouds floating, and an expensive and dedicate ship. Just like a simple, plain and beautiful scenic painting. However, take a careful look! You'll find a person submerged is struggling and chances are that he is going to be drowned. After discovering the person, I'm sure that the painting isn't simple at all!! Because it is too strange! "Everything turns away quite leisurely from disater."---I think the main reason why the poem is written is that the speaker wants to express his feelings and emotions towards the society filled with indifferance. And to my sorrow, I'm sure the situation is getting from bad to worse. People care about nothing but themselves. What's even more disappointing, "The plowman may have heard the splash, the forsaken cry. But for him it was not an important failure." I have to say it's a real description beyond doubt in our society. The suffering takes place all the time and a lot are sufferiing from all kinds of disaters. However, we always neglect or even make believe not to know their hardships. The most unbelievable of all, the ship must have seen the boy falling out of the sky, but it still sailed "CALMLY" on. WHY??? I can't figure it out! Why are the people so cruel without giving him a hand? We shoould make self-examination or self-criticism. We shouldn't to be so indifferent to those who are in deed!

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