Subject Anecdote of the Jar
Posted by watson
Posted on Tue Dec 8 06:39:04 1998
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"Anecdote of the Jar"

First looked at the photo of the "Dominion Wide Mouth" jar in the web site, I just felt that the jar was very beautiful and THIS was an object of art. It was very interesting to read the title of this poem. The speaker used the word "Anecdote" and might the speaker wanted to say something about the Jar. The jar was placed in a hill of Tennessee. The jar symbolized the art while the Tennessee symbolized the nature. Tennessee was a place of half of area of wood and so it could represent the nature. The glass which was in regular round shaped was transparent and beautiful that symbolized the art.

  In the first stanza, "I" put a jar in the hill of Tennessee. The "I" in the poem might not only be the speaker of the poem, but the other speakers or other artists. It said that the artificial jar which symbolized the art had made the wild nature in good order and could show up the beauty. The speaker wanted to said that the relation between the art and the nature was very special. First the artists find out the order or the beautiful point of the nature. The use of the "slovenly " showed the nature originally was a mess and not so good to look at in appearance. But the art found out its beauty.

  And the second stanza described that the jar was like a king of the nature and wildness was just like the people of the king. The word "it" represented the jar and the word "sprawled" meant the action of the wildness like a general facing of the king. The wildness "rose up to" the jar and that showed the respect of the nature towards the art. There was a great changes while the jar (the art ) was placed in Tennessee ( nature).

  The last stanza suddenly changes the feeling and talked in another point of view about the art. It said that the jar was very proud and stood in the hill of Tennessee. But in fact, the jar was "gray" and "bare". It was lifeless and empty indeed. However the nature could make the "bird or bush" alive. The nature was creator of life while the jar could not do anything. The jar was an artifical object and did not belonged to the nature. It was " Like nothing else in Tennessee."

  It thought that the sentiment about this poem was ambivalent. It was contrasting between line to line and stanza to stanza. The "round" against the "slovenly" , "tall and of a port in air" against "sprawled around", "gray and bare" against "give birth of bush". Those phrases showed contrasting between the nature and the art. And the second and the third stanza also showed am ambivalent between these things. The second stanza said art was the master of the nature but the last stanza said that the nature really could create the true life.

  The repetition of the use of the sounds "round" was showing a cycle between nature and art. Their relation was very special and they depended on each other to show the beautiful. And the "round" sound could also show a feeling of the wildness. The nature was found everywhere in the world and the art was found everywhere in the nature. There was no end between them.

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