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Posted on Tue Dec 8 10:30:39 1998
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Melody's journal------Musee des Beaux Arts
Wystan Hugh Auden went to Spain during the Spain Civil War and he intended to serve as an ambulance driver for the Republicans in their struggle against fascism.Wystan Hugh must prefer democracy to fascism.But the road to democracy was filled with many difficulties.There must be many objectors be slew in the political battle.Therefore,the speaker was very sad when he wrote down this poem.Besides,the rhyem of this poem sounds like the objectors ' screams(the auditive image) when they were killed by the fascists.This poem may consist of three or two pictures because there are some descriptions we can't find in the picture of our book.
According to the Bible,there were three wise men and they knew when Jesus would be born in the stable."The Old Masters" may mean those three wise men or the objectors who were against the fascists.The objectors were clever because they knew that fascism is harmful to their nation."The miraculous birth"means the Jesus' birth.Maybe the objectors were waiting for someone to lead them to overthrow fascism.
"The dreadful martyrdom" may imply those who had been slew by the fascists.In the 1930s,the power of the fascist might be more powerful than the Republicans.Therefore, their life was miserable just like the"doggy life".The speaker also metioned
Icarus,who was a god in the Olympia.One day when he was flying,his two wings were burned by the sun.When"the plowman"and "the expensive ship" saw a boy falling out of the
sky,they felt something amazing but they didn't pay more attention to Icarus'death.The speaker might feel that when the objectors sacrificed their life to fight for their democracy,some
people didn't care about it.So,the speaker was very sad.
The gramma in this poem is a little strange.For example,
the torturer's horse scratches its innocent(noun)behind on a tree.Besides, the sentence of" How,when the agedíK."is strange,too.The sun shone(as it had to)on the white legíK
Can we find the regular grammar in a poem?

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