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When I read this poem for the first time, I perceived a certain sense of solitary that is filled with in the setting, narrator¡¦s observation, and his description. The scenes in this poem occurred on the street so sometimes there was some special sense of familiarity abruptly coming to my mind. The author collected a lot of real stuff to form the setting and suggested the sense of incapability in facing reality.
There are four sections in this poem. The first section reveals the scene on the street. And then, the second section shows us the general cluttered circumstance after parties or degeneration. The third section focuses on people¡¦s motion. In the final section, the narrator finally chose to use first-person view to say something. We may find it interesting that the author deliberately pointed things from the outer to the inner, from the big to the small. And then, he reflected to the very outer world by his feeling.
The most important notion that this author would give me is the ¡§infinitely gentle and infinitely suffering thing.¡¨ As what I mentioned above, he keeps suggesting the sense of incapability but also tends to accept this happily. Therefore, one fatal information we can gain is ¡§Wipe your hand across your mouth, and laugh; the worlds revolve like ancient women gathering fuel in vacant lots.¡¨ In my point of view, I think that this author chose to ¡§disappear¡¨ in this city in this world. The acceptation may seem to be both retreat and satisfaction. Although it really sounds strange to combine these two totally different meaning, I would say the acceptation of this world is just a retreat because of satisfaction. Does it make sense?
There is also strong comparison or combination between the realistic scenes and abstract notion. Therefore, it helps me a lot because the realistic setting can help me understand more about the feeling that the author wanted to deliver.

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