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 Reading (The following three sub-categories are taken from NCU English Learning Database.  Thank you, Wenchi!)

新聞雜誌選文 Magazine Articles
  • 各新聞週刊網上資料庫 News Magazines and Databases On-line︰
電影劇本網站  Screenplay Sites   西洋歌曲歌詞  lyrics
  • 網上音樂導覽  All Music Guide You can search lyrics by typing the artist's name
  • 國際歌詞伺服器  The International Lyrics Server (partially shut down due to legal problems)
  • Pop, Rock, and Rap: Studies in Popular Music History and Criticism provides not only entertainment, but a common space for the personal, social, and political experiences of youth. Focusing on rock, pop, and rap (with a nod to country), we'll consider the cultural roles of music and musicians
  • The Totally Unofficial Dictionary Learn about the rap lingo; get educated.
  •   其他  Others

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