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Tools  Grammar
Dictionaries -- Merriam-Webster Dictionary; Cambridge; One Look ; The Free Dictionary (with synonyms, related words, and antonyms, etc.)

Collins' COBUILD project -- 
The student's dictionary is now available online with audio pronunciation (as well as on paper and CD-ROM), as is part of the Bank of English corpus which the dictionary is derived from. There are also sidelines such as Wordwatch, The Definitions Game and plenty about idioms.

Roget's Thesaurus of English words and phrases; a new hypertext edition, based on the text of the 1911 edition from Project Gutenberg but continually being updated by readers all around the Internet. 

; 顏氏美語

Grammar -- A Guide to Grammar and Writing. Comprehensive, including computer-graded quizzes.

English Grammar Quiz PagesInteractive English Grammar for all level students.

HyperGrammar; Grammar Basics (with explanation and tests)

The American HeritageR Book of English Usage --Grammar and Usage

Interactive: Q&A--Dave's ESL Cafe's Help Center

a Grammar review in Chinese

Writing (Writing Lab, or Writer's Guide)
ESL Main Sites--students and teachers

  OWL: Purdue University's On-Line Writing Lab   (OWL Handouts 普渡大學線上寫作實驗室

Illinois Writing Workshop
(Grammar HandbookWriting Tips and Techniques Citation Styles, ESL Resources)


The Rensselaer Writing Center Handouts

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Writing Center提供有關寫作的講義,惟講義偏重較學術性的寫作方式與內容,包含摘要的寫法、基本的散文風格、批評文章、實驗報告格式、研究所入學申請的書信與報告格式與寫法等。

The UVic Writer's Guide; Writer's Web

BBC English Learning--
Grammar & Vocabulary, audio and video files, etc.

Hong Kong Virtual Language Centre
----for both students and teachers; with Study Guide, English study materials and tests, Web Concordancer, English/Chinese Lexicon (An On-line Electronic Dictionary), utilities for teachers

ESL Independent Study Lab a lot of self-learning materials.

Centre for Independent Language Learning a lot of self-learning materials.

ESL Cafe (by Dave Sperling) --for ESL/EFL Students and Teachers
(For Teachers: Idea Cookbook; for Students: Idiom Page, Quiz Center, Quote Page, Slang)

  English as a Second Language Home Page
A Collection of web sites.

  Aardvark's English Forum  Another huge collection of web sites.
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The Internet TESL Journal  Very useful.  Includes lesson plans, jokes, games, quizzes for students, etc.- highly recommended!

LinguaCenter--for both students and teachers; with some interesting learning activities and teaching methods!
(Grammar Safari; Interactive Listening.)

TESOL: For Teachers

News: Daily Lesson Plan for English Teachers published by the New York Times.

  Teaching with the Web using WWW resources as a language teaching tool. It also offers links to sites that have pedagogical information.

  ESL Teacher Resources on the Web including General Teaching Resources & Teaching with Technology.

Games & Interesting Ways of Learning News
Interesting Things for ESL


The New York Times on the Web 


The Routes of English: BBC


CEWeb English, Fu Jen