Foster Chapter4 Part 1
Reading question/exercise: Syntax and semantics of two-word utterances [Foster 79, Fig.14]



big bus [looking at a bus] 
big hole [pointing at a ditch]
big rock [looking at a large rock]
byebye train [earlier in the day he had seen a toy train go into a tunnel and disappear]
light on [coming into a room and noticing the light was on]
play toys [said as he was playing with some toys]
Baba play [said as his father played with him]
阿姨 ...Hi [playing with a toy phone]
A: Go see if Mama has a ring 

C: Mama..ring

洗洗 clothes [upon seeing a washing machine on TV]
[kju baba] [= "Thank you Baba"; repetition of adult model]
叔叔倒立 [describing action of character in kung fu movie on TV]
踢我 [=我踢你]
Mama..打球 [request to his mother]
叔叔 ball [= uncle's ball]
妹妹 here [= 妹妹 lives here]
[niz] home [Danny's home]
Trash... 妹妹 trash [trash outside the door of her house]
阿姨 bike [= aunt's bike]
妹妹 book [looking at a picture in a book of a girl reading]
um..dinner [um= a baby-talk word for "eat"; looking at picture of a bunny eating with a spoon]
A: You got your book for the doctor? 

C: Doctor book

[referring to record of immunizations]
more up down [= "Turn me upside down again"; playing with his father]
Baba please [pointing at ball on the floor; = "Give me the ball please, Baba."]
洗澎澎 [getting ready to take a bath]
看看報紙 [context not recorded]