Samples from one child's speech 1 ; 2 to 3 ; 7



No 1 ; 2
不要 [piiau], [puiau], [pipipipiau] 1 ; 6

Baba [with negative hand gesture]

1 ; 9
Baba no [="Baba don't hit the ball"] 1 ; 10
A: Eat lunch 

C: 不要 eat lunch

A: You want to 尿尿

C: No 尿尿

A: Want to play ball? 

C: No, no play ball

A: Gotcha! 

C: No gotcha! No gotcha! 

A: I gotcha! 

C: 不要 gotcha!

沒有 bib 

Baba no sing [= "Baba, don't sing] 

No climb there 

No bite Danny 

No touch this one [No = "don't"] 


1 ; 11
我不要 make toast 

No here Mama [= "Mama isn't here"] 

Mama, Baba 不起來了 

Ice…Baba no want it

2 ; 2
Bug hiding…can no see it 

Danny 美國大兵沒有帶回家 

Baba have no camera

2 ; 3

Oh no, Danny no make it 


Danny have no pants

2 ; 6

You not holding me 


I'm not afraid 大哥哥

2 ; 7
I'm not a monster 

Mama 怎麼還沒 come home

2 ; 8
Don't tickle me 2 ; 9
I no wait for you 

他不hang up 

為什麼 not fall down 

還有 frog story! 沒有 read

Our house not very far

2 ; 11
這個 bus 怎麼不 go faster? 

為什麼 cloud don't go to bed? 

I'm not Pinocchio!

3 ; 0
A: You have any bigger ones? 

C: No, I have no bigger ones.

3 ; 1
I don't want to be dead like lemon tree. 3 ; 4
She told 小哥哥 don't scare me 

My nose is not runny 

You didn't catch me that time 

I'm not ing a real one

3 ; 6
So they can shoot bad guys and won't be catched
Baba you tell me 'cause I can't read what it says 3 ; 7
I didn't find it..It wasn't there