Exercise: The common early patterns of pronunciation

Examine the data below (from a child 1;5 to 1;7).  Identify word forms which fit the common early patterns of pronunciation, and say which pattern each one fits.  Which of the listed word forms appear to be  somewhat unusual (or perhaps may be explained in order ways)?

(a) flower [ ]
(b) good [gU]
(c) eyes [aI]
(d) §¾ªÑ [pipi]
(e) star [ta]
(f) ¨«¶} [k'aI ]
(g) socks [sas]
(h) cookie [gu ' gwi]
(i) please [pis], [piz] (1;5)
(j) please [piz], [pliz] (1;6)

Note: For Mandarin words here
         [p] = £t  ;  [p'] = £u