Job and School Application Interview

General Suggestions: 
I. preparation
  1. Be prepared: re-read your resume and remember the skills you listed there.  
  2. Bring with you examples of your work and evidence of your awards.  
  3. Dress properly.
  4. Get to know the company as much as possible.  Bring with you its complete address and contact phone no. just in case you cannot find it on the day of the interview.  Better go there earlier.  
  5. Prepare the answers for the possible questions they may ask.  
  6. Be prepared with some proper questions about the job or the company to ask the interviewer.   
II. At the Interview: 
  1. Do not sit down before you are asked to.  Remember the basic greeting manners.  (Nice to meet you, ...")
  2. Use the questions to show and elaborate on your strengths.  Do not just answer yes or no.  On the other hand, do not talk on and on so that you monopolize the interview.
  3. Don't feel frustrated when they ask you something you do not know.  However, try to direct the discussion to something you know.  

possible questions

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i. business secretary/editor, etc.

1. We've been looking over your application. I see you've ...
What kind of work were you doing at your previous employer's?
What kind of part-time jobs did you have before?

2. How did you like your work?

3. Why do you like to apply for this position?

4. Do you take shorthand and do all the typing?

5. What do you expect to learn here? What is your future plan?

6. What kind of salary do you expect to get?

ii. further study

1. As I can see from your file, you are from the English dept of Fu Jen. Why do you like to study in our program?

2. What would you like to specialize in?

3. Could you pick up one author (one theory, one event) to comment on?

4. What do you plan to do in the future?

iii. teaching job

1. Have you taught before? What have you learned from your past teaching experience?

2. Why do you want to apply to our school?

3. What would you do if your students sleep in class? fight with each other? cut classes? cheat in the exam?

4. How would you make your students study hard?

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