Topics for Discussion on 4/24, 2001

I. Computer and Information Age:
  1. 411 MP 3 event  Related News from Taipei Times: 1. legality  2. student protest  3. Record industry sues file-swapping students
  2. Internet-Based News Delivery Systems; which ones are popular and why.

II. Love, Sex and Marriage
  1. Age Difference in Marriage.   (A young man's love for a woman 30 years older. )
  2. S/M 愉悅(SM)次文化的真面目
  3. Marriage: problems and failure
III. College Life and After
  1. Military Service 1. Everything you know about it.  2. How to avoid it.
  2. College Girls' going on a Diet or Going to the Fitnes Center
  3. Everything you need to know about traveling or study tour
IV. Media, Entertainment Business and VIP's
  1. The life of public figures --e.g. The president's daughter, etc.
  2. Japanese soap opera: Related News  a survey (學生最哈日 主婦愛"韓"流 )
V. Taipei
  1. The changes MRT has brought to Taipei