for Analysis and Conversation

Conversation Topics on social changes:

  1. What aspects of the film can you relate to? (e.g. parent-children relationships, junior high school days, video game parlor, entrance exams, puppy love, country vs. city, flood, radio, fantasies and dreams.)
  2. Do you view and experience the entrance similarly or differently?
  3. Where did you frequent as a teenager? What were your hobbies and do you have a dream lover or idol?
  4. What do you feel about this film after the kidnapping case of 白曉燕 happened?

Text-Analysis Questions:

Components of a narrative film --

導演:陳玉勳 (1962)-- also 愛情來了
得獎紀錄: * 第32屆金馬獎「最佳原著劇本獎」(陳玉勳)、「最佳女配角獎」(文 英) * 第48屆瑞士盧卡諾影展「藍豹獎」、「費比西獎」

角色: 劉志強、王道南、綁匪老大、阿慶和他的家人(弟弟、祖母、妹妹阿娟、阿姑、姑丈等)、老師、父母、記者、電視新聞播報員、阿強的夢中情人.


Tropical Fish 熱帶魚(1995)