Tools needed:
   (1) Telnet or NetTerm
       (2) FTP (Course Packet P. 122~127)
       (3) HTML Editor (e.g., Netscape Composer)

  What is Home Page? 


Steps Explanations
suppose your student account is a87200##
Telnet to your student account (use either Telnet or NetTerm)
[stmail]/home/a87200##>mkdir WWW build a sub-directory WWW in your student account
[stmail]/home/a87200##>chmod 755 WWW change the authority of your account to 755
Open a HTML Editor (e.g., Netscape Composer) and create something write your first page 
Save and name the page as index.html This is the home page you will upload later.
Open FTP
Set up your personal information
Open WWW folder on the right side
FTP index.html to WWW folder
Go back to your student account
[stmail]/home/a87200##>chmod 644 index.html change the authority of index.html to 644
[stmail]/home/a87200##>cd ..
[stmail]/home/a87200##>chmod 755 a87200## change the authority of your home directory back to 755
Go back to Netscape Nagigator ready to browse your home page