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In terms of localization of McDonald and MTV, I actually have something to say. Although we can see some sort of localization of them in many countries, I doubt whether or not this kind of strategy is successful or just falls into the category of American culture.
One can find McDonald almost everywhere all over the world, and some McDonalds are localized in some countries. When I was in Rome, I went to eat McDonald because the food there was cheaper. And they garnished the whole restaurant into some kind of remain of historical sites. When I saw this, I just thought, "Wow, are they trying to get rid of the color of American food?" Then I got so interested in that McDonald because it was nothing like any other McDonald I went in other places. However, I turned out to be pretty disappointed because I did not feel any difference a while later. First, I found I could hear English of American accent clearly in the restaurant. Then I realized that it was crowded with American tourists. Second, the clerks spoke perfect English, which I could not find in many other places in Italy. Next I found that the menu bar was written in English! The Italian version of the menu was right below the English one! At this point, I think all the local interior design does not mean too much that the whole restaurant is selling American culture. Even though the wrapping of it was localized, still the inside stuff was Americanized. Into the bargain, I thought of Daisy Miller as seeing this McDonald. It is amazing how Americans can Americanized everywhere.
What*s more, I think the localization of MTV channel in Taiwan also fails in terms of localization. Even though all the VJs are from Taiwan, the style of hosting the programs is pretty similar to that we can see in USA. Besides, "Beavis and Buthead", "Single out" , "Out of the Box", and "MTV unplugged" are all from America. Therefore, I do think this kind of localization is successful.
This somehow shows how strong American culture is. If anyone who read this journal have similar or different opinion, please response.
Kevin Chen


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