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Bond, James Bond
Sexy women, high-tech powerful weapons, dazzling stunts, and sex are the crucial elements in the films of James Bond. And a prodigious number of audience just can*t take their eyes off these elements. That is why the filmmakers are willing to throw money into James Bond. And the 18th sequel of James Bond starring Pierce Brodsman and Michelle Yang (·š””ĂŁ) is again coming to cinemas all over the world. What keeps James Bond alive?
I just read an article in Ming-shen-bao about the reasons why James Bond is always so popular. According to the article, James Bond is the very paragon of male gneder. He is good-looking and never gets old (so far, there are five actors playing this role). He is an emblem of sexual superman who makes love to many gorgeous women. According to the statistics, Mr. Bond has already slept with 47 women ever since he was created. Besides, his job is full of risk and adventures. And he always owns high-tech weapons with him to save him out of troubles. These weapons, most of them are guns, can be seen as phallic symbols. Therefore, he becomes a hero who saves the world and gets women. Even though he is a pseudo image, still he attracts women*s as well as men*s attention. Men want to be him; women, get him.
I also think the female images in movies of James Bond are something to talk about. However, I am not so familiar with James Bond movies. I only saw four of them. According to these four movies I saw, I think women in these films are all sexy and under James Bond*s sway. They can be so exhilarated to have sex with him. Also, they are categorized into two camps. The women of good camp will try their best to help Bond. They are even willing to sacrifice their lives for them. On the other hand, those of bad camp use sex as a mean to try to kill Bond but never make it.
I have not seen the latest sequel of James Bond. I was told that Michelle Yang is a whole new female image in Bond who does all the stunts all by herself. Anyway, I think James Bond is really a very interesting topic to talk about. I wish I could work it into a paper for the final paper. However, I have to work with my group. Therefore, if any of you have anything else to say about him or you find some interesting websites about him, please respond and tell me. Thank you.


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