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Cultural  Studies: Relevant Links 
  • Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center  --a massive collection of links and articles. 

  • for students & teachers--Articles/Papers; Theorists and Critics; Academic Programs,  Bibliographies/Reading Lists; General Links; Subject Areas--Mass Media/Communication; Cyberspace/ Sci-Fi; Television; Film; International.  
    for teachers--Journals/Archives; Calls for Papers/Conferences; Book Reviews; Newsgroups/Listservs;  Publishers 
  • Cultural Studies Resources--for web-surfers, a list of relevant web sites (offered by Labyrinth, a Medieval Studies web site) 
  • World Lecture Hall - Cultural Studies--for teachers, cultural studies courses
  • Cultural Theory
  • Iowa Cultural Studies Resources 
  • Cultural Studies and Postmodernism  well-annotated links to a number of sites concerned with Postmodernism, Cultural Studies, and Cyber Studies. (maintained by Dennis Des Chene, part of the larger Philosophy at Johns Hopkinweb). 
  • Cultural Studies and Critical Theory eclectic collection of articles, sites and sources.  Set up alphabetically, its selections range from Alien Abductions and the End of White People (by  Annalee Newitz), The World of The World of Coca Cola (by Ted Friedman), to articles by bell hooks, Guy DeBord, Foucault .  ( Part of the massive English Server at Carnegie Mellon)
  Michel Foucault   
Literary Periods   
Literary Writers   
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