The Making of A Monster

PosterĄG Kevin Chen at 19:6:39 10/26/97 from

The revision of Frankenstein actually reminds me of "Plagiarism"
in the English department. When being given a paper to work on, some
classmates of mine will go to the websites to borrow ideas for their
paper. Then the result of the paper is something like synthesis. What they are doing
is not writing but take odds and ends from different sites to give birth to
a something they call papers. However, waht they are doing is exactly what
this revision is about. They give birth to their monsters by visiting
websites. In this case, each of us can be Frankensten. That is to say,
we do not need a lab but a computer and a modem to create our own monster.
The making of a monster can take place everywhere under this circumstance.
Therefore, plagiarism can be a monster given birth by a great deal of students
all over the world.


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