Reflections of Frankstein

PosterĄG Nancy Lin at 13:25:41 10/30/97 from

I really feel weird and frightened when I read the article "Making of a Monster".
What frightens me is not the idea of "monster", but rather the designers who are so concentrated
behind. When one is so devoted on the unknown things, isn't it dangerous in a way?
It simply reminds me of the thrilling murder happened several months ago in Taiwan. The
murderers are so obsessive that they finally can't even turn back, which is very similar to Frankstein.
I can't deny that scientific experiments do bring numerous benefits to human beings; however, what if the products are
unsatisfcatory, like the monster? Can we just destroy or abomdom them? Is it our fights to do so since we
are the creators? Or it's rather irresponsible and immoral? The assignment of making a monster on the Web
certianlly provide students a chance to discover the inner and dark side of human beings. While it might seem
to be an imaginary and creative activity, I still can't help myself but wondering: what if it's not only a project but
a thrilling murder or harmful experiment?


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