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>> Vicior's aptness of scientific invention as well as of exploring mysteries of human structure can be tracked back to Clerval's,
>> Elixabeth's, as well as some other firgures' direct or indirect influence

Hi, Eric,

Thank you for your careful reading.

I think you are right to say that Frankenstein, as well as M. Shelley, are actually under the influence of Romantic ideologies such as the emphasis on individualism and super hero, and the fascination with science.

As for the influence of Clerval on Frankenstein, I don't think it is that great. page 37 shows that Clerval is the one to be into Romance and fancy, while Frankenstein is more into science. Clerval on p. 38--is "occupied with the moral relations of things," while Frankenstein can be sullen or passionate.
The first five chapters, in preparing for the creation scene, for me set up a lot of distinction/differentiation between between man and woman, between different pursuits of knowledge, and even between different kinds of science--to finally foreground Frankenstein as a super hero pursuing the forbidden.

Elizabeth does have influence on him, but more in the subconscious sense, relating to her as a woman. After F's creation, he dreams of Elizabeth becoming his dead mother (p. 58), implying that in his creation--extending human life, he takes over women's job and turn them to death.
(You can actually interprete the dream yourself.)



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