Mary Shelly against or for Frankenstein?

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Hi, Roy,

Thank you for quoting me. :) I guess what I meant was the writing of Frankenstein, esp. its gothic style and its concern with creation, has a lot to do with Mary Shelley's childhood and her miscarriage.

As she points out in her introduction, since her childhood, she's been given a lot of ghost stories to read, and she's had wild imagination. And then her mother's death at childbirth, as well as her own miscarriage, explains her concern with creation in this book.

What we need to think more in reading this text is--
whether Mary is for Frankenstein or against? She definitely is intrigued by scienfitic creation, since not long before her writing, she was told of Darwin's (another Darwin)animation of a vermicelli (noodle). But then beyond fascination, we see her admiring, excusing as well as condemning



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