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Poster¡G Joyce at 21:49:27 11/12/97 from
RE Kevin Chen at 19:6:54 10/26/97 posted ¡uThe Making of A Monster¡vSubject

Where is my message? I did send it out several times in late Oct.!
In reply to Kevin's message, I personally think that we can't avoid
being "monster makers," especially there are secondary and internet
sources accessible to every student. I mean, if we are asked to give
comments to a certain topic, can you be absolutely sure that it's your
oriniality? Or we might just give comments based on what we hear from
others, for example articles in the nespapers or news on TV, or we simply
repeat other people's words, consciously or unconsciously? You never know.
Would you prefer to call it "unconscious Plagiarism?" Sometimes I even wonder
if there is orinality.
Monsters and monster makers are everywhere. Is that something really bad?
Is it a crime? In today's world, and in reality, you might want to think about it.


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