Re: the ironic contrast in Frankenstein

PosterG Kate Liu at 11:48:50 12/17/97 from
RE Angela at 23:8:57 11/6/97 posted uthe ironic contrast in FrankensteinvSubject

Hi, Angela,

It's interesting to read your journal now when we are going to read 's science fiction.

I have two questions for you:
1. Is the distinction between science and literature still so clear? (You said, "Basically speaking, people who are interested in and good at literature usually have no interest in science.")

2. Can we really be "an individual" and distinct from the other people? Isn't "I" also a sign whose signified (concept) can always be changed? (You said, "everyone has his or her own individual
differencesv from other people, and this is the characteristics that makes one an 'I.')



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