Janet's views on Frankenstein

PosterĄG Janet Tung at 23:6:21 10/22/97 from ts1-ppp-13.fju.edu.tw

I think the monster that people create on the web is to reveal the inner world of a person. Every one can make his
own monster by composing different fragments of any sorce. And the composition which shows the inner world could
be called his moster. Because of different temprament, everybody's monster would be different. Therefore, there
should be no standerdized monster. Or we can say, every one's inner world is a monster, and every monster is unique.

Actually I'm thinking about that everyone himself is a monster! The monster he create is only the reflection of his own
image/thoughts. Therefore, I'm a monster and my classmates and my friends are monsters. We're only a group of
monsters. Human beings are very proud of their being as the suprior of the world. Ironically, how many people really
regard themselves as monsters and start to judge their conducts? Human beings always regard themselves as the figure
of creator. They think they're different from the monster. However, if we look at the fact in another angle, we may find
that we are monsters who are created or controled by ideology.
Blake's poem and plate "The Tyger" shows the rebellion to standardization. His role breaks the control of ideology
which makes him a monster, and he becomes a creator himself--Frankenstein. He's the hand who makes the tyger's
eyes glow as well as makes himeself get out of the web of standardization.
When creating a monster on web, we can freely construct a piece of work which is out of limit. When creating this
monster, we're the monster who revolve the control of Frankenstein, and become a Frankenstein ourselves.


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