Frankenstein could be anyone

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As far as I am concerned, Frankenstein could be anyone.
I still remember Kate mentioned that there are so many transformed texts about Frankenstein and the monster he created;
there are even people who thinks the monster's name is Frankenstein.
To tell the truth, before reading this fiction, I myself is the one who thought Frankenstein is the name of the monster....:p
But after reading part of the fiction, I feel even more strong about the point that
Frankenstein is also part of the monster he has created.
The monster is a production out of his anxiety, desire and arrogant personality.
On the other hand, it is also a creation out of his love for life and courageous try.
He is anxious discoverying the myth about life and kind of eager to find a way to sustain life (due to his mother's death.)
Although he resents to the hideous creature he has made, he couldn't do anything but sort of submit to the monster's threat.
天人交戰is the Chinese idiom bump into my mind about the conflict Frankenstein faces.
In one way, he tries to creates something alive (or back from death to life),
by in the other, it turns out to be a traggic, miserable and horrible threats to life.
Frankenstein indeed has suceeded in proving something to himself and fulfilled his dream.
Yet he also becomes the second Permetheus and could have brought about disaster to all human kind.
Frankenstein has a hard time struggling within his 'ego' which urges him to break or to discover the myth about life,
and 'superego' which perhaps subconsciously restrain him from create a living thing like God.
After all, he submits himself to the 'ego' part in him and remorses thereafter.
Couldn't we be possible to make the same mistake like Frankenstein?
Isn't Frankenstein like everyone of us who often have to face the inner conflicts and struggles in the outerior limited circumstance?


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