Folk Songs and Aboriginal Music

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Folk Songs and Aboriginal Music
I used to love 校園民歌, but I do not know there are so many complicated ideas behind these songs. Nowadays, many singers still choose some famous 校園民歌 to sing. It is not only because the lyrics and melody are beautiful but also because these folk songs represent the identity of their generation. However, I wonder if the songs that the singers such as 王夢麟 and 趙樹海 choose to sing are the same with the folk songs at their young age. Different period of time may give the songs different meanings. The situation is similar to recent aboriginal music. Some people want to pursue a kind of original feeling so they collect aboriginal music and produce out; however, when the aboriginal music combines with popular ways of production, the feeling would be changed. Thus, the new creations become another style. On one hand, it is a variety of the original feeling; on the other hand, we are losing the real originality. This kind of phenomenon usually occurs in nowadays. Maybe we can think it as a part of our culture.


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