Globalization and Identity

PosterĄG Jessie Chu at 12:4:26 1/16/98 from

In terms of globalization, I think it is an irressistable process. Even though there is the power of govermental
protectionism. Globalization is really a natural way in the current situation. Because we have the high techonology, the
global internet, and the fast and numberous commercial interactions among nations in the world. It is hard to say that
we still can keep the so called 'national/native/local identity'. But what is the truely 'naitonal identity'? Does it mean
that you so not use the Japanese products or American goods, then you are a patriot? Well I think it is the sacrifice of the
cosummers' pleasure of consumption. Didderent people use and enjoy the goods in different ways. If we still confine ourselves
in this limited concept, we are actually self-abuse. Since it is the train in current world, we have to find our own way to
make use of it and enjoy it, but not restrict in the conventional/ traditional ideas. Talking of identity, it is the abstract idea
of differrent definitions for each individual differences. And globalizaiton is also hard to define it. At least we know that there
are three different theories to interpret it, the Frankfurt School's "mass cultural critique", Bourdieu and Baurdrillard's "symbolic
goods and identity", and de Certeau's "pleasure of consumption". So every concept or term is in the situation of differentiation.
What I mean is that either the globalizaiton and each individual's identity is in the process of interacting and changing. Is it the
terrible homogenization? I am not sure. But in this horror or joy of globalization, what an individual/ a consumer should do is
to keep a open mind to varies things and to enjoy the pleasure of consumption.


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