Globalization and Deconstruction

PosterĄG Julia Hsieh at 16:2:10 1/17/98 from

In a way, globalization is constructed by people's notion of standerdization. Due to the mind of standerdizing something and exploring, organization and institution are globalized.
Companies such as Sony, MacDonald and Addidas are exmaples of globalization. MacDonald, for indstance, claims that the food are the same in every MacDonald all over the world.
Food in MacDonald are constructed in a standerdized way. However, is it so? MacDonald in Japan has different flavor of hambergers from that in Taiwan. Also, different characteristics
have distinguished one MacDonald from the other. In the process of MacDonald's globalization, various standerds have mixed into MacDonald and its product. And as time turns, MacDonald may
not be the same one as it is now.
Moreover, according to postmodern discourses, the world is continuously deconstructed and constructed by and by. Foucult's binary opposition somehow explains the phenomenon. Hence,
could globalization become a premise of another split of authority? In other word, could globalization be deconstructed? And hence, all globalized product would grow/build their numerous
standards repectively?


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