Economical factor in globalization

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In the class we discussed about globalization phenomena in the world. Actually I think economy is an essential factor in this worldwide trend. When a local industry has strong financial support, it starts promoting its industrial image in order to conquer foreign markets. Take Sony, which we read in the textbook, for example, it transforms itself from a local corporation to internationalized industry. From hard ware to software, Sony builds itself as an industrial kingdom. Owing to its financial condition, Sony can colonize other countries, which couldn't stop the overwhelming power of Sony's products. Beginning with electronic products, Sony builds a market in the record field as well. It contains both public music and classic music.
Another obvious example is Hollywood film. Not long ago, "Face Off" is presented in front of the public. The director, as we Chinese know, is dt-a Hong Kong director who always highlights the aesthetic of violence. Before "Face Off", he's already famous for the film about p. If we take notice in "Face Off", the plot and the personal image of each character didn't change. The only thing different was that the Oriental faces all changed into Westerners. And above all, the financial support is the most important factor that enables Mr. Wu's film overwhelms the film market internationally. If Mr. Wu didn't rely on the support of Hollywood film industry, he is still a Chinese director who produces his films only in Asia. Hollywood film industry, with its financial forte, makes many film globalize very successfully.
Here I'm trying to say that globalization is an inevitable phenomenon. Capitalism prompts people to make every possible chance to get profit. Globalization is a great way to increase personal profit. Countries that don't share the same experience of globalization will surely being wiped out. At the end of Ching dynasty, China had been through this danger once. Also, in the history of Japan, they had almost the same experience. There is an exception-Arabia countries. Those countries can deny being westernized or globalized because they have petroleum as the source of their national income. Countries that rely on international business have no choice but surrender when foreign culture tries to colonize the local culture with the pressure of finance. In the aspect of financial surviving or even profit making, globalization is a phenomenon that irresistible and unavoidable.


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