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Once we talked about McDonald's and its specific economical impact on
us, I can't help but think of their powerful commercials.
There is a new commercial about a baby who cries when seeing the logo of
McDonald's (the big "M") and cries when noting seeing
it. I mean it's way too terrible. The commercial helps create the "M"
ideology, which is imposed in every kid. When the kids
grow up, they consequently become the main consumers. You see, kids
love to eat McDonald's, teenagers like to have a part-time
job in McDonald's, and adults are too busy to eat at home so that they
eat McDonald's or they are asked to take their kids there.
It's a circle. More cleverly, when the M company first wants to
establish a branch store, they will buy the pieces of land for building
so that when the branch store is established, the price of the land will
go up and the money will go to their pocket.
Is it bad? Let's take a look at the charity work they have done in
Taiwan. Apparently they know their money originally comes from us,
so they use part of it in charity. This is sort of a win-win
situation--both parties(the M company and we the consumers) give and
though of course we consumers give more. Do we have to attack M for its

globalizing us? If we check out our local enterprise, we will
see that they are only busy taking our money and extending. The best
example is the cable war these days.
Are they too clever, or are we too stupid?


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