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When I begin to get involved in the topic-"Globalization", the first part which I question is the reason for its appearance. I think that the main reason is people's interests matter-of-factly. Basically, when we human beings want to become globalized, we "must" have the same idea about the object which arouses our interests and meets our requirements. If so, such a object usually can give rise to a trend-people's imitation. Let's take the most popular dance music-"Macarene" as an example. "Macarena", originally, is just a pop song in Spain before it skyrockets to No. 1 hit on Billboard chart. However, after the record company spends a volume of money advertising it, it has been standardized gradually by people and becomes more and more well-known. Due to its popularity, quite a few begin to learn how to dance "Macarena". I strongly believe that most of pubs(maybe all of them) would play this song each night last year. It was regarded as the national anthem of these places. Additionally, along with peer's influence and the function of mass media, the whole world seemed to addict to this song. "Macarena" is a very good example of "Globalization". However, the existence of any globalization produces its coming disappearance. We can clearly find that the trend of "Macarena" has vanished this year on the grounds of people's caprice. Last year, it completely conquered most people's hearts; however, it seems to have become a historical term which will not arouse people's interests anymore. Aside from this, what I also concern is the conflict between globalization and nationality. For instance: Recently, Hollywood movies have gained the most important position of movie enterprice in the world; moreover, it constantly brings some new things to people at any time, such as the trend of dinosaur-Jurassic Park, alien-Independence Day, romance-Titanic and so forth. It really deserves to gain a solid footing in the late of 20th century. But, what is the result? The movie enterprice in other countries is
decreasing and replaced with Hollywood movie by degrees. I think that Taiwan is an example. We can find that most of authentic Taiwanese films usually can't get good revenue as Hollywood's, such as 多桑, 太平天國 and so on. People are not willing to see them. Why? Definitely, people have been captivated by Hollywoood movie and neglect theirs which can represent their nationality. Meanwhile, due to a variety of motifs and investment, Hollywood movie(an example of golbalization) always does not disappear and its position is the one which others can't catch up with.


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