The female image in popular songs

PosterĄG Jessie Chu at 8:41:22 11/24/97 from

About the female image in the lyrics of Taiwan popular songs, I have some
responses after reading the textbook. We could say that many demale singers express
modern women's thought through these songs. women are no longer restricted mentally or
physically. The lyrics represent the idea of of independent women with their own thinking.
This is the significance of female voice, their yearn for the equality between two sexes.
so in Foucolt's discourse, this is the subjective power possessed by the female. However if w
we look deeper for about the producing process of the lyrics, we can find out that most composers
are the male. This phenomena can be interpreted in two ways. one is that they are male feminists,
who want to realize women's thinking and psychology. The other is that women are still under a
certain kind of ideology. The lyrics is the myth created by male composers' knowledge. It gives
women the illusion that they are free and independent. But they are simply under the cult of this phony
emancipation. From Foucolt's perspective, this is the institutional power manipulated by men.


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