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Local websites for English learning

Going Places
  • Travel Guides: 
    • Frommer's Budget Travel
    • International Youth Hostel Federation: useful for someone who loves budget travel. As students, we do not have extra money living in a luxurious hotel while traveling. Thus youth hostels are good and clean choices with reasonable price for us. This website offers 500 main youth hostels in over 50 countries worldwide. People can find out about a hostel, check real time bed availability, and book accommodation without paying booking fees online.

    Sciences, Georgraphy & Math
    • Exploratorium 
    • National Geographic for Kids
    • National Geographic
    • Discovery  There are thousands of useful and practical information and knowledge in this website. In the Homepage of this website, there are several topics, such as Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Discovery Health, and Discovery Store. As long as we click one topic, then we can gain the recent top news and information. One of my favorite topics is the Travel Channel. Although I cannot go traveling now, I still can imagine the place I love and know the culture and interesting things of various countries through this part. Sometimes, I can also obtain some information or news that I do not know before. So surfing in this website really can broaden our perspective. In addition, this website also provides lots of colorful pictures. In brief, I think “Discovery” is one quite good website for everyone. Most important of all, we can both learn English and gain useful knowledge through this website.
    • Bebop Radio The Internet's premier VOCAL JAZZ station!

    • BET: Black Entertainment, including music and CD reviews.   

    • MTV: a wide selection of music, music videos and CD reviews.

    • ICRT: live broadcast, music and news on demand.