Dear teachers and students, 

Kate Liu and Yuan-Kai Wang have started a project on collecting and computing Taiwan students' English writing errors.  Hopefully, someday we can make the computer know how to correct some of the errors. 

The first step to take is to collect the students' English papers as basic data. 
Could you please help us? 

The papers will be used only for error collection and computation.  We will not publish the papers in any way or reveal the writers' name.

Please ask your students to 
A. save their papers on the diskette provided in two groups: 
1. papers written for composition classes, 
2. the other papers. 

B. Write on the diskette, 
1. the teacher's name and class title
2. The students can remain anonymous if they want.  But if the teachers would like to use the paper database, ask your students to write their name too on the diskette. 



Thank you very much. 
Hopefully this will make our virtual writing lab more powerful someday.