Common Errors -- M --

Quiz 2

Fill in the blanks with the correct word or phrase from the following list.

mankind, man, mix, blend, merge, mistake, error, mature, ripe, mystery, puzzle, riddle

Once upon a time, a who was called Jack lived in a very deep of dark forest which no one dared to step into. Nobody knew where Jack was from. His life was a . One day, a crazy scientist ran into this forest. He wanted to make an astonished experiment which he thought was good for all . Therefore, he grew a lot of cheery trees. When those cherry trees were , they can be his cover of his laboratory. Jack knew this crazy scientist’s plan. He was afraid that his forest would be destroyed by this crazy scientist, so he decided to stop him when the time is .

Jack started to peep on the scientist. He knew his every movement. He knew that the scientist a kind of magic blue liquid with red liquid every day. One night, Jack sneaked into the laboratory. He drank the potion because he wanted to solve the in his mind. After drinking, he realized he had made a .

The color of his body and the cherry trees together. Most unfortunate thing is the crazy scientist didn’t have the solution for Jack. Jack became “Cherry Jack”.