Common Errors -- N --

Quiz 1

Fill in each blank with the most appropriate word.

1. Most people (need, need to) feel loved.
2. I don’t think that we (need, need to) ask him.
3. You (don’t need, don’t need to) worry--- I’m not going to mention it to everyone.
4. Mary met a (striking, noticeable, remarkable) writer last year.
5. His new apartment is very tastefully furnished with (novel, modern, up-to-date) furniture.
6. There were (no less than, not less than) a thousand people there buying tickets. (有多達上千位民眾買票。)
7. She can be really irritating but I try to (neglect, ignore, overlook) her.
8. There is a (striking, outstanding, remarkable) contrast between what he does and what he says.
9. He won the lottery (no less than, not less than) 100 million dollars. (他贏得了至少一億元的獎金。)
10. There’s nothing better than (new, fresh, novel) bread, straight from the oven.