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Quiz 3

Fill in each blank with the most appropriate word.

Edward has made a (striking, outstanding, noticeable, significant) improvement in English among his friends. Before he entered the university, he wasn’t good at English at all. One day, his high school teacher gave him some advice: firstly, you (need, need to, do need, do need to) study very hard. Listen to the English programs on the air and write a journal with five entries in English every week. Secondly, you have to memorize (no less than, not less than, more than, much more than) twenty new vocabulary words every day. Adopt a (new, novel, fresh, up-to-date) and effective way which you feel practicable to enhance your English ability and practice it continuously. Then, you will be on the right track to master English. Edward did everything that the teacher instructed him. Now he is a (striking, outstanding, noticeable, remarkable) CEO in an international enterprise.