Common Errors -- P --

Quiz 2

Fill in each blank with the most appropriate word.

1. Why does the terrorist (insist, endure, persist) in attacking the U.S.A?
2. Potter makes a (advisory, prudent, prudential) plan to save Hagrid.
3. The castle is located on the edge of a steep, (sudden,
precipitate, precipitous) cliff.
4. As she (past, pasting, passed) the door, the phone rang.
5. If he is not here in five minutes, we’ll (presume, assume,
assumption) that he is not coming.
6. After his mother died, Edward Nash just lives in the (pass, past, passing) of his mother.
7. Downpour will (insist, persist, persevere) for most of the day, according to the weather forecast this morning.
8. Sherry always offers me (prudent, practical, prudential) suggestions which help me a lot.
9. If you (insist, persist, persevere) with the work, you will succeed in the end.
10. John made a rather (sudden, precipitate, precipitous) departure because of the illness of his mother.
11. I think it would be more (practiced, prudent, prudential) if you hear some other suggestions before you make a decision.
12. Mr. Charlie Murphy (persisted, insisted, persevered) in trying to find the lost children.
13. When the director was ill his deputy (presume, assumed, assigned) responsibility for the management of the factory in 2001.
14. I am a (practical, practicable, precipitate) person, and I’ve never been interested in theory.
15. Maria is the master mind among her sisters. She always comes up with some (practical, prudent, prudential) schemes when a prank is needed.