Common Errors -- Q --

Quiz 2

Fill in the blanks to complete the story.

Once upon a time there were some pirates sailing on the sea. They fought with the British Navy but helped the poor with food and clothes. Thomas Gabbler, the commanding (official, officer), is their number one enemy. Thomas had tried everything to arrest these pirates to get a higher position, but failed. (Some day, One day), the pirate found a treasure map, so they began the trip of treasure hunt. When they (unfolded, opened) the map, they found an incredible thing: they could see their own position on the map. Now they knew they are on the (opposite, contrary, contradictory) direction to the Treasure Island.

After passing through some storms, they finally found the island and the treasure. All of them couldn’t believe that the magnificent view (unfolded, opened) before their eyes. These pirates were much richer than before. They used these fortunes to help more poor people and bought better weapons to defeat the British Royalty. Now, they were really the big problem for the British (officers, officials).