Common Errors -- Y --

Quiz 2

Cloze: Each blank in the following passage is provided with four possible choices. Read the whole passage and choose the best answer for each blank.

I. The white ghost ( ship / boat / yacht / vessel) rolled in the Atlantic swell as the rescue boats approached it 70 nautical miles off Ragged Point, one of the most easterly places on the Caribbean island of Barbados.
The ( boat / yacht / ship / vessel )was unmarked, 6 metres (20ft) long, and when Barbadian coastguard officers boarded it, they made a gruesome find. The 's ( vessel / ship / boat / yacht ) phantom crew was made up of the desiccated corpses of 11 young men, huddled in two separate piles in the small cabin. Dressed in shorts and colorful jerseys, they had been partially petrified by the salt water, sun and sea breezes of the Atlantic Ocean. They appeared to have come from far away.

II. As Wang Lee Hom grew up in a Western environment, his music ( comprises / includes / incorporates / composes ) both Western characteristics with Oriental elements. In his latest album, Shangri-La, Wang Lee Hom even ( coined / cornered / claimed / clarified ) his own style of music-chinked out, hip hop music with Oriental inspiration. In 1998, Lee Hom joined Sony Music Taiwan and was soon ( teased / hailed / honored / worshiped ) to be the new age songwriter-singer. His status as an ( distinct / extinguished / distinguished / accomplished )singer/producer was further established when he became the youngest ( receiver / recipient / target / awarder )of both “Best Male Singer” and “Best Music Producer” in the prestigious 1999 Golden Melody Awards. Lee Hom is currently one of the main songwriters in Sony and also own his own productions company called Homeboy Studios in Taiwan, Boston and New York.

In an industry where singers desire to ( bear / yield / squash / churn out )album after album within a few months, David Tao, ( yet / although / however / otherwise ) , has always maintained his stand of making ‘perfect’ music, spending years to produce and churn out a chart-topping (每週最流行的) album.