Common Errors -- Z --

Quiz 1

Cloze: Each blank in the following passage is provided with four possible choices. Read the whole passage and choose the best answer for each blank.

They say, “Life is a poet’s dream come true.” It is sinuous and tough but we must try to be consistent in putting in our efforts. We must have the ( zeal / fervor / zest / enthusiasm )to experience and learn new things. The following small incident changed my ( stand / point / vision / perspective )towards learning and competition.

Uncle Ray is at least 50 years old. He came to me and asked whether I could help him out. He said, "Andrea, I have this problem in MS Excel. The width of a column changes arbitrarily when I enter data into it. I want the column’s width to remain constant." He said that he had been asking a lot of people about it. But, he hadn’t got an answer yet. He was ( decided / determined / resolved / absolved) to learn how this could be done. I was surprised to know that a fifty year old had so much ( enthusiasm /passion /zeal / fervor) to learn something new.

I can now understand that age proves no bar for learning. When, a guy who is 50+ can ( chase /look /pursue / woo)what he wants, then why not I? We must never give up, saying that "I can’t do it coz it’s difficult." We must ( endeavor /effort /work / ought) to comprehend what is hard-to-understand. Yes, there will be people who are already better than we are, but then it doesn’t matter. In fact, we must take inspiration from them. We must never, at any point in life, lose the ( fervor /zeal /enthusiasm /zap)to discover and understand the-new. If it takes time to grasp things, then let it be so. But never let go.

Life is about how good you are at reducing your unforced-errors. It’s about learning how to ( list /meet /raise /curb )them and start hitting winners. Life is about being ( constant /passionate /enthusiastic /consistent)in this whimsical poet’s world where you have to ( immerse /emerge /appear /reveal ) as the Hero.