Common Errors -- D --

Quiz 3

Fill in the blanks with the correct word from the list below. You may need to change the word form or use the same word repeatedly in some cases. (請將下列單字分別填入句中的空格裡,有時候必須加以變化或重複使用.)

1. The ambulance was too late. The girl was by the time it arrived at the hospital.
2. Maggie is studying for a in computer science.
3. Mrs. Michaels has been feeling sad. Her grandmother last week.
4. the cold weather, she still wears short sleeves.
5. The purpose of a memorial ceremony is to honor the and comfort the living.
6. The that staying up late can do to our health is beyond imagination.
7. My best friend is very upset. Her father is of cancer.
8. Mr. Johnson never really recovered after his wife’s sudden .
9. May has come to France to get a master’s in art although she has already had a degree in French literature.
10.The number of in road accidents has increased again this year.