Common Errors -- F--

Quiz 1

Fill in the blanks with the correct word from the list below. You may need to change the word form or use the same word repeatedly in some cases. (請將下列單字分別填入句中的空格裡,有時候必須加以變化或重複使用.)

   feel like      feeling      feelings      feels      felt like      filled with      for      full of      fun      fun   

1. When I came back from England, I a stranger.
2. The other children made of her because she was always so serious.
3. It certainly good to be back home.
4. I hate to spoil your but it’s time to go home now.
5. Somebody must have bought flowers. The air was the scent of roses.
6. What do you doing tonight? I feel lazy. Can we stay in and order a pizza? We can watch a movie or read. What do you think?
7. Joseph’s life always seemed excitement. He just had a trip in Europe not long ago.
8. They must have walked at least three miles before they met a backpacker.
9. Sarah has very strong about environmental issues.
10. I am really run down.