Common Errors -- H --

Quiz 3


   beautiful      employ      hardly      hire      house      rent out      to rent   

Mr. Wang and his family recently immigrated to the United States. They settle down in Chicago; all of his family is very excited. The first thing that Mr. Wang has to do is a cozy flat with view for his family, but he is a stranger who has no idea about this city. Finally, he sees an ad about the owner who wants to his apartment and restaurant. The Wang family is very happy that they have a new with great view. Then, Mr. and Mrs. Wang want to find jobs. Mr. Wang finds a job in an architecture firm when the firm wants to a consultant. As for Mrs. Wang, she wants to have her own restaurant so that she needs some architects to design the new place. Furthermore, she also wants to a good chef and some waiters. But unfortunately, with the hard weather in February, they can do anything; hence, all they can do is wait until spring comes.