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Quiz 2


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Tom wanted to find a in a store because he was interested in precious stones. After few weeks, Tom, to his happiness, had his dream come true. At first, he was assigned to do a lot of that sometimes he felt overloaded; however, he still enjoyed his . One day, a lady who had a walked into the store and said that she wanted to engrave figures on her . While this lady discussed the details with Tom, Tom’s boss also their discussion as he was a very good of precious stones. Finally, they decided to engrave Queen Elizabeth on it. Having everything settled, the lady had prepared for leaving, then the gem was found nowhere. Tom thought the lady had put away the gem, and in contrast, the lady accused Tom of hiding her precious stone and wanted to sue him. They had a big argument. Later, they asked Tom’s boss to be an . Who was guilty? Tom? The Lady? What would Tom’s boss do? That was the question!