Spring, 2000 Kate Liu
Contemporary Literary Theory and Criticism:
Psychoanalysis, Feminism, Marxism and Poststructuralism
This course is designed for you to achieve three goals:
1) an ability to read both primary and secondary theoretical texts to get a general understanding of important contemporary literary theories,
2) an engagement in theoretical issues (such as text and textuality, canon formation,  interpretation, ideology, discourse, etc.) as they arise from our reading of the primary texts, and 
3) an ability in analyzing literary texts from different theoretical perspectives with an awareness of the limitations of each.
Besides what are listed in the title, the other theoretical schools we may cover are:
cultural studies, postmodernism, and postcolonialism. You are welcome to suggest what you want, and I will consider the theoretical schools to add or drop if more than 2 students require so.

On each school we will spend 3 to 4 weeks, moving from a general introduction, to close  reading of some theoretical texts, to in-class application to some chosen texts, and, finally, to your own application and critique of the theories.

                           In this course, you will be responsible for:
                           1) active participation in class and on the internet,
                           2) a 20-minute report on a theoretical text with an outline ready for online publication,
                           3) a 40-minute report on how the critics (about 3) use a certain theoretical approach and then a critique,
                           4) a term paper of both theoretical discussion and literary application.


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