American Fictions

by Bro. Nicholas Koss

Course Description
Spring 2000
Internet Courses
English Dept.
This course will end for seniors on May 24th.  Their final grades must be turned in by 
      June 2.

Course Description

     The first part of this course will deal with 19th and 20th century short
stories by writers such as Washington Irving, Edgar Allen Poe, Nathaniel
Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Jack London, Sherwood Anderson, Willa
Cather, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Isaac
Bashevis Singer, Bernard Malamud, Flannery O'Connor, Maxine Hong
Kingston, Frank Chin, John Barth, Robert Coover and Donald Barthelme.
About 30-40 pages of reading will be done each week.

     The second part of this course will look at novels.  The exact list of novelsto be read will depend on what novels the students have already read.  It will probably include one 19th century novel and two or three 20th century ones.  For this part of the course, about 60-70 pages will be read per week.  It is hoped that the readings will increase the student's ability to read large amounts of English material with good comprehension.

     Students interested in taking this course should give to Judy Peng by
December 15 a list of all the American novels they have read in English.
The syllabus for the course will be ready by the end of this semester so
that some of the readings can be done over the semester break if desired.
Each class will begin with a writing exercise based on the assigned
readings.  Two term papers will be required: one on a short story and one
on a novel.