Cultural Studies: Identity and Representation

Tentative Schedule

Date Topics & Texts Examples & Further Readings 
I. Cultural Studies, Identity and Representation: Major Sites & Concerns
1. 9/17, 
4. 10/9
2. 9/25 1. History and major schools of thought 
"Cultural Studies: an Introduction" (source 1)
〈英國文化研究的系譜學〉(source 2
Another Great Day!
3. 10/2 2. Theories of representation: Barthes and Foucault 
"The Work of Representation" (source 3)
Ads on and for women
5. 10/16 3. Theories of identity & identity and representation 
"Concepts of Identity and Difference"  (source 4)
"Who Needs 'Identity'?"  (source 5)
6. 10/23 4. How do we study the various forms of identity in culture? 
"What is Cultural Studies Anyway?"  (source 1)
Campus folksongs and Chinese modern poems
7. 10/30 5. Identity and Beyond
"Identity and Cultural Studies: Is That All There Is?"  (source 5)
Paper proposal
II. Representation & the Production/Regulation of Social Spaces
8. 11/6 Semiotics: 
"Encoding, Decoding"  (source 6)
"The Semiotic Study of Culture"  (selection) (source 7)
your choice
9. 11/13 Marxism: (Mid-Term Week)
Althusser "Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses"  (source 8)
Gramsci  "Hegemony, Intellectuals and the State"  (source 8)
10. 11/20 Habitus and Radical Contextualization: 
Pierre Bourdieu  "The Field of Cultural Production."  (source 9)
III. Issues of Identity and Representation
11. 11/27  1.  Massification or Appropriation 
Adorno & Horkheimer  "The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception"  (source 6)
de Certeau  "The Practice of Everyday Life" (source 8)
Body 1; 2
12. 12/4 2. Articulation
Slack  "The Theory and Method of Articulation."  (source 12)
Ref. Grossberg  "On Postmodernism and Articulation: an Interview with Stuart Hall."    (source 12)
Irish national identity
13. 12/11 3. Subjectivity and Vision
Foucault  "Panopticism"  (source 13)
Ref. Hannah  "Imperfect Panopticism: Envisioning the Construction of Normal Lives"   (source 14)
creole identity & passing
14. 12/18 Freud  "Fetishism"   (source 13)
Silverman  "The Subject"   (source 13)
Ref. Heath "The Turn of the Subject"  (source 15)
racial identity and language
15. 12/25 Mulvey  "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema"    (source 13)
Ref. Doanne  "Misrecognition and Identity"   (source 15)
gender relations in American south
16. 1/1   Holiday
17. 1/8 flanerie and imperialism
Shield, Rob.  "Fancy footwork: Walter Benjamin's note on flanerie" (source 16)
Example Analysis or Paper Presentation
Sylvia Plath and ...
18. 1/15   Example Analysis or Paper Presentation  (Final Exam week)


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