Shakespeare Asynchronous Class, 2002

Hi, Class,

We (both Shakepseare and I) want you to use your time well to meet the requirements of the class.

You know you're required to post AT LEAST three of journals (two pages each) online. As you know, papers must exhibit good ideas and good writing. In your reading journals, you can respond to a character, event, or issue present in the text assigned for a particular class session. The journal entries should provide an opportunity for you to begin interpreting the plays, as well as to raise (and start answering) questions you may have about the texts. So, one or two paragraphs are not enough to completely fulfil the above-mentioned purposes. I know some of you already posted your writings. You may need to do some revisions to make them more complete.

As I mentioned in the course description, plays are open to many possible interpretations, so the more viewpoints you and your classmates hear and express, the more options we as a class can explore. Therefore, your constant and active participation is required throughout the course. So, I insist that you write and post online at least two responses to journals posted by your classmates and have group discussions online (via the chatroom). I've noticed that some of you did a good job in responding to your classmates' journals or group discussion reports. Keep the good work!! As for those who haven't completed their chats, do them soon!

Remember: the success of this class will ultimately depend upon you.

Oh, by the way...

See the dear William up there? Shakespeare is giving you a knowing wink--

There's no quiz for this week!

May 17, 2002