Before you watch the online video for this week, we'd like you to read this important message first and follow these instructions:

1. Finish your reading.

You need to read before you come to class.

2. There's an online test!

Take the test before you watch this week's video.


3. Some tips:

It may be not easy for you to watch the online video, if your internet connection is not stable, or your computer setting is not suitable. Here are some tips:

a. Use Windows 98/NT/2000. Windows ME or XP will not work.

*Other possible problems:
If you upgrade I.E. to 5.5 and repair its (IE5.5 sp2) security flaw, you probably can not view the video online.
Also, there're cases that some computers with Win2000 cannot run the video properly.

b. Use Internet Explorer. Sorry for Netscape users, but the video can only be shown correctly by IE. Get IE here.

c. You need the latest version of Windows Media Player, if you can not see the video images. Download WMP here and install it.

d. Be patient! After testing, we found that sometimes it runs so slowly that we almost mistake it as malfunctioned. Therefore, when it's not responding immediately, wait a few more seconds.

e. The index function for each clips is fixed.

In the past, some users couldn't select topics at will. In other words, they have to watch the video from the first minute to the last without skipping. Now, there will not be like this, so you can review sections easily.

4. Watch the online video NOW!

Do NOT postpone.

These video files are updated weekly and those old ones are removed from the server. So we recommand you to follow the schedule closely.

Are you ready for this week's lecture? If yes, let's go!