Selective Readings of Modern and Contemporary Literary Theories:
Gender, Language, Textuality and Space

Date Theoretical Texts Possible Literary/Cultural Texts & Related Links

1. Structuralism - 4 weeks 1); 2) 3) Roland Barthes 4) Summary and Practice



with 夏宇,A Room of One's Own and "Another Great Day!"

1, 2


The Structuralist Foundations: F. de Saussure "" (956-77); Levi Strauss "The Structural Study of Myth" (110-18) (handout 1-1)*

失蹤的象、Links: 1(Chinese), 2, 3

10/7 Structuralist Poetics and Structuralist Narratology in brief: Roman Jokobson (1254-1269); T. Todorov (2097-2106) 1, 2
"Sailing to Byzantium" Links: 1, 2, a book


Theory/Text Intersections: Kristeva "Semiotics: A Critical Science and/or a Critique of Science"(handout 2-1)* ;
Louis Marin "Disneyland: A Degenerate Utopia" (handout 2-2)* [Roger Hu]

Links: end of the page; Marin;

Disney Resources;

2. Feminism -- -Gender and Sexuality; * Chinese Bibliography and General Links

10/21 Some American Feminists
Gender Positions (American Feminism):
Gilbert ad Gubar pp. 2021-2035[Sarita Chuang];
: Gayle Rubin "The Traffic in Women" (handout 1-2)* [Evelyn Sung]

links: 1. Rubin 1; 2 ; G& G
constructions of 19th century womanhood


Feminine Writing:
Luce Irigaray(handout 3) [Annabella Huang] and
: Julia Kristeva (2165-79)[Anne Chen].


Postfeminism: Judith Butler (2485-2501)[Monisha Zheng]; Donna Haraway "A Manifesto for Cyborgs"(e-text 2266-2298)
links: Harraway 1 (Chinese), 2.
Paris is Burning
and Madonna


Sex and Sexuality: Michel Foucault (1648-1666) from The History of Sexuality; [Amy Yang]
Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick (2432-2445)[Carol Chi]
links; Foucault: 1, 2; Sedgwick 1, 2
1, 2.

3. Poststructuralism -- - Challenging Subjectivity, Meaning and Knowledge

11/18 Author: Roland Barthes "The Death of the Author" (1466-1470)[Alex Lin] and Foucault "What is an Author?" (1622-1636)[Carol Lin] 1


Writing as Differance: Jacques Derrida (1830-76)[Hazel];  


The 'Critical Difference'" Barbara Johnson on Billy Budd (2316 -2337)

Face to Face with Chinese-Canadian Writer Larissa Lai:
"Future Asians: Migrant Speculations, Repressed History and Cyborg


Simulation: Jean Baudrillard (1729-1741) [Simone Chu]  

4. Poststructuralism and Beyond: Textual/Social Space andPolitics of Location


Bakhtin, M. M "Discourse of the Novel"[Pearl];
Kristeva "Word, Dialogue and Novel" (handout 7) [Claire Fang] *


E. Soja "The Trialectics of Spatiality"(handout 5)*"Metaphors to Live by: Landscapes as Systems of Social Reproduction" Don Mitchell (handout 4)*  


Adrienne Rich "Notes toward a Politics of Location" (handout 1-3)* [Kristine Chen] and Caren Kaplan "Feminist Politics of Location" (handout 6)*  


Paper Presentation  


Paper Presentation  

* Handouts:

1. Literary Theory: An Anthology. Ed. Julie Rivkin and Michael Ryan. NY: Blackwell, 1998.

1-1. 110-18-- "The Structural Study of Myth"
1-2. 533-60 -- "The Traffic in Women."
1-3. 637-49-- "Notes toward a Politics of Location."

2. Contemporary Literary Criticism: Literary and Cultural Studies, fourth edition. Eds. Robert Con Davis and Ronald Schleifer. New York: Longman, c1998.

2-1. Kristeva "Semiotics: A Critical Science and/or a Critique of Science" 273-82;
2-2. Louis Marin "Disneyland: A Degenerate Utopia" 283-96.

3. "The Power of Discourse and the Subordination of Women" The Sex which is not One. NY: Cornell UP, 1985.
4. Cultural Geography: A Critical Introduction.
Don Mitchell, Donald Mitchell. NY: Blackwell, 2000.
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